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       For several years, ARKO group, ARKO Industrial Corp. has become a leading company for electronic technology, consumer and industrial products. We develop, manufacture and market the most advanced and cost-effective products for customers around the world. ARKO has gained access to the global market and has provided our customers with a superior level of OEM/ODM/OBM services. With integration, we develop and manufacture a wide range of products for our customers’ selection. ARKO has participated in many major worldwide trade shows (eg. CeBIT, COMPUTEX and CES) and our products can be found in most retail chain stores and in the industrial field. Step by step, in the recent years, we gradually develop several server and work station products.

       In addition, ARKO has always believed that in order to be a leading provider in high-tech products, it is essential to continuously innovate and stay ahead of our game. Thus, our research and development team always endeavors to design the best products to keep our competitive edge. Moreover, to reassure our customers, our products undergo rigorous testing at all stages of production. Furthermore, we are constantly improving and diversifying our products, including Tablet PCs, Rugged Phones and Tablets, Smart Watches, Digital Signages…etc. In order to meet the market tendency, we also involve highly attention in Big Data, AI, and deep learning in product integration, including software and hardware solution that presents the leading technique and products which we could supply.

       Our products are made in Taiwan and China. With our clients’ best interests in mind, we provide great products with efficiency, liable service, quality assurance, and competitive pricing. We have the experience, qualification, vision, and drive to establish and maintain a long-term, successful business relationship with our customers. As a reliable partner and supplier, we cordially invite you to join us on the road to success!